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Aaaagh! I've Been Groomed!

I remember many years ago, while in grade school, I took an aptitude test.  I remember the teachers telling us a the time that the results of the test would help us and the school know what types of careers we would be good at and would enjoy.

I didn't realize at the time, but I was taking part in a social experiment.  An experiment to mold the future generation.  On the surface it all sounds benevolent and good.

But what if the results were modified?  What if the kid taking the test just didn't care about it and didn't answer truthfuly?  More important, who designed the test and on what criteria were the results based?

I remember taking this test and being old that I would be happiest and most productive in life as a "file clerk".


At that moment I knew they  were out of their minds.  I couldn't imagine a more boring job.  I spent all my time studing electronics, physics, theoretical physics, religion, history, government, and even more...  I have a 186IQ, why would I want to be a file cleark.

Well.. I didn't want to be a file clerk.  I am not a file cleark.  I neither file, nor clerk.  I did not follow the social agenda that was set for me in school.

I do remember that my class structure was molded around the results of that test.  It was like I was being pushed into that field because a test said it would be best.  It was not until later that I boke out of that mold, but even then counselors would tell me that I would be happier taking other classes or being involved in other activities.

My parents at the time when this occurred were involved in several groups that have been considered "fringe".  Anti government stuff - taxes, religious persecution, etc.. You've probably met people in these groups.  Alot of what they say makes sense at some level. 

So I was being brought up as an independant thinker, someone who would think and act outside of the box.  Yet, after that test, despite an extraordinarily high IQ, I was being folded, molded, and trimmed to fit inside a very controlled box.  It was too late, I was already an independant think looking forward to careers in research and development.

I am not saying that I know there was something nefarious about what was going on in our community, but I'm not saying there wasn't either.  Our public schools can be the greated weapon that exists against us.  They control our youth, ergo, they control our future. 

All it takes is one individual to ruin someones life.  I had many teachers that couldn't stand me because I wouldn't fit in their box.  Yet, these same teachers were theones form the 1960's movements that were redrawing the boxes in their universities based on the developing liberal agendas.

Although I found myself doing creative things in some area, and still do, curently I sit in a small box.  I type away, entering data for a large company.  I document activities.  I even do repair of large scale systems (followed by much documentation).

Oh NOOooooo!!!!  I've become a file clerk!!!!?!?!?!? Or at least the modern version of it...

I would like to thank the education system for what I am today, but I can't.  The reality is that most of the things that I've learned that are actually worth knowing came from outside their pervue.

Today, although trapped in a dead end role in a ever growing corporate structure, I possess the knowledge and skills to run large companies.  I understand that tax system, why it works how it works, and its intended goal.  I understand corporate law and how that law extends to the everyday person.  I Understand complex systems and the interactions between them.  I understand engineering at many levels and in many sciences.  I know when to seek those with specialized training and when to do it inhouse.

What does that all mean?  It means that I will not always and forever be in that dead end role, but will move out of it into something greater.  Something that I built.  All that despite an effort early in life to move me from a position of sovereignty to one of serf.









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