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A Date with Disaster
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Wow... I should probably stay away from news services.

On my way in to my regular job, at 6:30am, I hear that our President went on a date to New York with his wife to keep a campaign promise to her for a dinner and a show.

At first I thought so what.. How much could that possibly cost?

Well, in order to keep the President protected they picked him and his wife up at the Whitehouse in the standard large helicopter, and were immediately joined by two others.

The helicopters shuffle on their way to the next stop to keep people from knowing which one actually has the President in it. This helicopter shuffle would need to be done on the return trip as well.

From there they, and their enterage, boarded 3 Gulfstream G5 private luxury jets. (About $50,000 each for round trip to New York City).

In order for the President to get from the Airport in New York to the show and to dinner, his specially built limousine group would be needed.

How were they brought to New York? By a military C3 (Somewhere over $80,000 each way?).

To get safely and quickly through the streets, intersections needed to be blocked and signal lights need to be over-ridden.

This require special assignment of normally off duty city staff (Mostly police, some Streats and Maintenance).

On site, they would need to secure the eating establishment of choice plus the theature. They would need seating for themselves (Barak and Michelle), plus their entire enterage (minus security who will remain standing and go hungry so as to not be distracted).

Add up all the salaries involved, the fuel costs, the interuption of city services in New York, the equipment preptime and maintenance.

The total cost of this dinner and a movie (not paid from Obama's salary) is over $500,000 to the US taxpayer.

This is the same administration that chastised the leaders of several large corporations for being wasteful when coming to Washington to petition for handouts. The same leader who is telling us about how much he understands the economic effects on the average laborer. The same leader who bowed deeply to the King of Saudi Arabia, yet nodded to the queen of England. The same leader who told a billion Muslims that we are not a (judao-)christian country. The same leader who apologized to Europe for our not being internationally supportive...

Say what? This man, our president is not only a hypocrit, but is committing acts of sedition and treason agains the People of the United States. If ANY other man in our country was doing what he has already done, they would be imprisoned.

How much longer before the FBI, CIA, or the US Armed forces themselves say enough and arrest him for his crimes?