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Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment.

Electoral College: WHAT?
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Long ago the Electoral College was established as a safe guard to prevent the general populace from electing a person who is not qualified to be President of the United States by popular vote. Of course this process has failed us on the last election as not one single group took up the cause for proper vetting of candidates.

As a result, we now have a person as President who had a year earlier indicated that he lacked the appropriate experience for the job (?feigned humility?). We have a President who has not presented true and valid proof of natural born citizenship status as established by prior case law. We have a President who has said he is Christian, but has on many occasions admitted and demonstrated a faith in Islam. We have a President with ties to pro-communist and pro-socialist agendas.

The voting record and law signing record of this president has demonstrated a complete disregard for the US Constitution. The signing of the NDAA bill at the end of 2011 effectively ends civil liberties as we knew them. This President, stating that he would veto any bill that allowed for military detention of US Citizens, actually pushed to ensure that those provisions were included and signed the bil into law. It is like he is following specific directives from a puppet master.

If he gets re-elected, he will likely become our dictator and future elections may become irrelevant. If he does not get elected, the repealing of the damage he has done will be almost impossible. In four years, this President has built on the foundations of totalitarianism that were laid before him. He has methodically followed his script to remove the rights of US citizens.

Hidden within ObamaCare are rules and statutes that remove all aspects of personal privacy from Federal intrusion - financial, medical, insurance, and more. Forced commerce by individuals and corporations with heavy tax penalties for failure to comply. Manditory audits of certain businesses to ensure compliance. The small business and start-up operator are set to be removed from our society.

Soon "Old-Money" will be the only money. There will be no more new "wealthy", unless they are invited as entrepenuership is strangled into nothingness. Due to the new rules, a pre-existing infrastructure will need to be contracted with for all new startups to ensure compliance. The layer of additional expense to manage this will mean that new businesses will need investment from "Old-Money" just to get started. So, if "Old-Money" doesn't want you among their ranks later, they either give unfavorable terms - leading to their eventual ownership of your enterprise, or they just refuse altogether.

Obama's election to US President has transformed this nation. Just as Hitler, prior to WWII, promised "Change", universal healthcare, and prosperity through entitlement programs, Obama has promised the same things.

In the election of Obama, the Electoral college followed the popular vote, although not required to. This seems to indicate that they were complicite with the program and had foreknowledge. In the 2012 elections, we have few choises. There are several good candidates, all but one are non-starters. The other candidates are bad, By bad I mean that they have had a demonstrated history of moving this country further into communism and totalitarianism. Their voting records and actions in office have demonstrated it.

The ONLY candidate out there that has been consistent with his voting record and actions is Ron Paul. It seems that this biggest problem with him that keeps coming up is his foreign policy positions. However, he is a strict constitutionalist. So, his policy will reflect the same. I will vote for Ron Paul in the Primary and as an Independant if needed as I feel he is the best and only candidate worthy of the job.

I recognize that the powers that be out there do not want him elected and that he will probably not win. The odds are that we will end up with another four years of Obama-nation.

This, despite popular vote, is up to the Electoral College. In reality, my vote is not relevant to the election of the US President due to the Electoral College. I've never seen, nor been taught on how to be part of the Electoral College or how to influence it's vote. It appears that in the political world this is a closely held secret to ensure that the proper puppets get into the proper roles.

There is no public discussion on who the electoral college members are for a district, how they get appointed or elected. The process is hidden from public view it seems. If the popular public vote is for Ron Paul, the media will choose to only publicly identify the Electoral College results. If the Electoral College chooses another 4yrs of Obama, we will hear little to nothing of the public vote - as it isn't really relevant to the election anyway.

In this way, the Electoral College process can and has usurped our freedom of choice. What was meant as a safety net has become a noose.

We shall all hang - either together or seperately - We shall all hang.

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The Electoral College

The current system does not provide some kind of check on the "mobs." There have been 22,000 electoral votes cast since presidential elections became competitive (in 1796), and only 10 have been cast for someone other than the candidate nominated by the elector's own political party. The electors now are dedicated party activists of the winning party who meet briefly in mid-December to cast their totally predictable rubberstamped votes in accordance with their pre-announced pledges.

If a Democratic presidential candidate receives the most votes, the state's dedicated Democratic party activists who have been chosen as its slate of electors become the Electoral College voting bloc. If a Republican presidential candidate receives the most votes, the state's dedicated Republican party activists who have been chosen as its slate of electors become the Electoral College voting bloc. The winner of the presidential election is the candidate who collects 270 votes from Electoral College voters from among the winning party's dedicated activists.

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Obama's Сhange: From kidnapping & torture to assassination

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