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I have been a student of politics and religion for decades.  In America, these two subject areas are thought of to be isolated processes.  Although, this idea was not how the  founding fathers envisioned it.

Originally the doctrine of separation of "church and state" was applied, just as the constitution defined it:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Who shall not make a no law respecting the establishment of a religion or the free exercise there of?  The Congress of the Federal Government.  Not the state, county or local governments - although many of those government institutions have adopted similar language in their localized constitutons.

Many do not realize that until around 1930 there were still states that had established state religions.  They had a religion that was the established and declared religion of the state.  This did not prohibit or infringe on the free practice of other religions in those states.  The states that held to a state certified religion held to the holidays of that religion - a practice we still see today:

  • Sunday blue laws - affecting the buying and selling of tools and alcohol on Sunday in many states
  • Holidays - Christmas, Easter, and often Good Friday government offices are close
  • Psuedo-christian decorations at government insitutions during holiday periods

Just the other day, in Texas, I was banned from buying beer and wine before 10am by state law on Sunday in preparation for an event later that day.  I could have bought these products on any other day of the week at 6am, but not on Sunday.  Not long ago I tried to buy a tool on Sunday in Missouri, I was refused because of blue-laws.  I could buy nails, but not a hammer.

In some communities, such as Dearborn Michigan, the Muslim population has gained a high enough percentage of the population to enforce restrictions on the promotion of other religions on public thorough fairs.  There are several videos out there documenting this.  This does not technically violate the US Constitution because these are local ordinances or interpretation of ordinances and not Federal law created by US Congress.  However, the Federal Supreme Court typically applies this section of the constitution to apply to all levels of government - not just the Federal.  This would put the arrests being made in violation of at least two provisions of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

What many don't realize is that there is a war going on.  I thought I had understood this war years ago, but it was really just a couple of nights ago that it hit home.  I came to understand that we are in a war on two fronts.  We are losing the war because we, as a people, don't understand many things about the war, the nature of the battle, nor the mind and determination of the combatants.

The war is being waged on at least two fronts:

  • Religion
  • Politics

The war is against several aspects of our lives:

  • Freedom to express Judeo/Christian faiths openly
  • The nature of our government and its relationship to the citizenry

On the political front, socialism and communism are rapidly taking over our country.  We were warned about this eventuality by Nikita Khruschev of the USSR many years ago, who stated:

"You Americans are so gullible.  No, you won't accept communism outright.  But we'll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism.  We won't have to fight you; we'll so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands."

Our citizenry continues to get programmed more and more that we have a "right" to be taken care of by the rest of society.  Our children are being programmed more and more that they have no responsibility to take care of other family members which creates an increased dependency on governmental and community support.  School programs re-enforce these ideas with classes in "social responsibility".  Anyone who does not support and actively promote these agendas quickly find themselves oppressed and ridiculed as the leadership and promoters of the agenda weed out those who stand in their way.  We see these programs being actively promoted in the work place as well.  People that don't participate in the programs do not appear to be actively involved in the company or community and usually do not receive promotion opportunities.

The process of brainwashing and programming a society of free thinkers and sovereign citizens into nanny state dependents, serfs, is slow and methodical.  It can be the subject of complete sets of books.  It was very active in foundational grass-roots levels during the hippie movements of the 1960's.  The funding for many of these groups and activists have been traced back to Soviet ties and with other communist groups - although many of the individuals did not know where the funding for their activities was coming from nor the dangers posed.  Many of those individuals have since become teachers, business people, and political figures - continuing to drive the agenda of socialism and eventually communism forward in more subtle and "politically-correct" ways.

On the religious front, this nation was declared by previous presidential order and ratification by Congress to be "Judeo-Christian" with laws and societal rules based on those Biblical foundations.  President Barack Hussein Obama, after taking office, told all the world that we are not a "Judeo-Christian" nation.  He had not indicated at that time that we are a Muslim nation either - other than by

innuendo and Freudian slips that are well documented in interviews with him.

The open practice and promotion of the judeo-christian faiths is becoming more and more difficult in public places.  Christians and Jews are forbidden to pray in any organized way in many public places, including schools, while Islam typically is permitted.  The Holocaust of WWII is being taught less and less because Muslims consider it offensive and hold that it never happened. The documents of the founding fathers of our nation are discussed less and less.  Only excerpts out of their original context and out of the framework of the personalities and faiths of the authors are taught.

It is becoming apparant that the only two positions of faith that can be held in most public institutions are that of Atheism and Islam.  Oddly, these two positions are dichotimous to each other.   However, because of the aggressiveness with which Islam asserts itself, the atheist components are afraid to say anything.  The Muslim component appreciates the suppression of other religions, clearing the way for them.

Europe has been trying to create a "multi-cultural" society for some time now, embracing the cultures of Judeo-Christianity, which has been the standard of Europe for hundreds of years and Islam fed by immigration.  Chancellor Angela Merkel has said on October 16, 2010 that this effort has "Utterly Failed."  This is mostly due to the unwillingness of immigrating muslims to conform to European societal norms and abandonment of those norms by converts.  This is fueling a massive change in the societal norms of Europe.

Between the two battle fronts occurring, those who are Judeo-Christian conservatives are losing the war.

I did not really understand the resolve of the two groups as thoroughly as I should have earlier on.  In fact, I doubt very much that many people really do.  I began to understand after watching a movie about one of the first battles of the Korean "conflict".  The movie was "We were Soldiers".  It was during this movie that I suddenly realized the resolve to which communism, socialism and Islam intend to dominate and rule over the world - including our country.  As two thousand communist soldiers charged up a hill and were killed, it became clear.  These people will stop at nothing to get their way.  They will use every method to reduce our rights to that of a slave.  This view of the average individual is the same in many Muslim societies as it is in Communist/Socialist societies.  This may be one reason why they two are working together on some levels and some areas.

We see that Radical Islamists, which most call "terrorists", hold to the same resolve as that of the soldiers in North Korea during this conflict.  They accept their role to die for the cause and charge into battle to achieve the battle objective at the command of their leaders.  They do not need to understand the battle objective.   They do not need to understand the tactics of their leaders.  They only need to perform as a "servant" or "slave" to their god, and do their duty under the command of their superiors.

I've found that many modern socialists and communists hold the same resolve.  They fail to see anymore the individual, but only the society as a whole. As a result their personal well being is irrelevant, only that of the society as a whole.  I've heard one socialist, who was raised by parents in the "hippie" movement, state that she would gladly give up half her salary for universal healthcare for all and that the rest of us should be forced to as well.  Of course she has her own bias with medical needs of her own and a "partner" whom she has stated also has medical needs.  Perhaps her current medical and insurance expenses currently exceed half her salary.

Through my interactions with this person I have found that socialists have what appear on the surface to be sound arguments - until their science is found to fraudulent.  Then they become dogmatic.  Although appearing to be loving kind people on the surface, their resolve is much like that of the communist N. Korean soldier.  They attack with the expectation that if you are brutalized enough, you will stop coming to the battle.  Often their debates will break down to name calling and an personal attacks when logic and facts in the debate get in the way.

Terrorists use the same tactic in their fight.  They attack in such a random and violent way that the hope is that you will give in to the will of their doctrine for fear that they will do another violent act.

The level of resolve which these two groups hold, and the level to which they will take their fight is mind boggling.  In our own nation, the socialists and communists who have recently exposed themselves in congress and other potical arenas have openly stated that they are promoting a socialist communist agenda.  They have openly stated that they make up, and will continue to make up, rules as they go along because they have a goal and the end justifies the means.

When a speaker in the House of Representatives stands before Congress and tells them and the rest of the nation that a bill must be passed to see what is in it, you know there is something very wrong and that EVERYTHING humanly possible should be done to stop that bill from passing.  And the people behind the process of developing and attempting to push that bill through should be immediately removed from office and charged with treason.

We are at war.  Ideas and philosophies are battling for dominance in world society.  Many battles have been lost in much of the world.  Europe has all but conceded its loss.  America is losing too, by the misinterpretation of the constitution, by spineless individuals who have allowed evil to grow up within out midst, by failure to properly vet the most powerful positions in our nation before election, and more.

Islam is not just a religious system.  It is a system of society.  It is a political system.  It is more than a religion.  In much the same way, socialism/communism are political social systems but their ties to atheism and agnostics create similar ties.  Both are political/social/religious systems.  Both have adherents whose dogmatic resolve causes them to commit acts of aggression and violence against their opponents when progress cannot be made through other avenues or there is resistence.  

In the end these two systems cannot co-exist as they have foundational issues that are dichotimous to each other.  But in the suppression of Christianity and Judaism as religions, and in the suppression of free-will and personal responsibility, these two forces are currently working together. The expression "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" comes to mind.

In the last two years we have seen the adherents of both systems lie, cheat, fabricate information, deny the truth of verified information, work to concele information, and kill to meet their goals.  Both systems have doctrines within them that allow for and encourage lying to the opposition to gain advantage.  President Obama's quote for which he will be ironically most known for is: "The only people who have something fear are those with something to hide".  So says the man who spent millions sealing what are normally public record, and then releases obvious forgeries of portions of the same while keeping sealed the ability to verify that information.  Irony is wonderful, but sad.

Their resolve is great.  We have been weakened over time to the point that I am not sure that conservative Eurocentric Judeo/Christian society any longer has the resolve to maintain itself, but will more than likely succumb to these changes.

Where is your resolve?  Will you vote in the next election?  Did you vote in thr most recent? Do you think your vote will make a difference?  Will you inform others?  Will you protest in the streets?  Did you vote for the candidate you really wanted? Or lessor evil that you thought had the best chance of winning?  Will you suffer persecution and loss for the future of your children?  In the battle of freedom versus slavery where will you fall?






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