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Peppermint Icecream Dream
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Personal recipe.

Prep time5 minutes


Peppermint Icecream Dream


1cVanilla Bean Icecream
1ozCrushed peppermint cane
1ozHotfudge or melted chocolate
2 mint leafs


This works best with hand made icecream made with heavy cream and ground vanilla beans. If you don't want to put that much effort in, then French Vanilla or a commercail Vanilla bean icecream will do. Pack icecream into a cup, a 6-8oz coffee cup works perfect, to shape the icecream. Freeze it in this shape hard. Remove from cup and roll in crushed peppermint until it is completely covered. Please on plate with mit leaves to one side. Pour the hot fudge or melted chocolate over top. Serve immediately, while the chocolate is still warm!


It is important that the hot is still warm and the cold is very cold for best effect - similar to banannas foster. It will require a little lead time to prep the icecream - especially if it is hand made - as it has to be formed and then hardened in the deep freeze.