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The Liberties Of A People Never Were, Nor Ever Will Be, Secure,When The Transactions Of Their Rulers May Be Concealed From Them.

'Tag, your it' or 'I know who your friends are'
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A friend of mine recently sent me the link to this article: Scanning for Crime

My initial thoughts on this were, "well,that's the end of the illusion of freedom in the USA"...

Some of my readers may wonder how I could come to that conclusion. One of my co-workers, a former citizen of an Eastern block nation, agreed with me.  He indicated that the America of today is more of a police state than that from which he came.

And you know what? He is probably right.

We get stopped and asked for papers (Driver's license and Insurance) on a whim by a patrol man.  The officer asks where are you going, where are you coming from, how long do you intend to stay, who is with you, will you be bringing anyone or anything back, and more...  Where is my privacy?  Can my travels not be personal and private? Oh, and let's not forget, "May I search your vehicle?" - for no particular reason..

Don't give them the answers and your acting suspicious.  They will then hold you (without arrest) get a warrant and search your vehicle anyway, and compel yopu to respond to their answers... They can detain you for 72hrs without charging you with ANYTHING in many states... How will you explain that to your boss...

These new RFID chips give the state an amazing new tool.  A chip so small that it can be embedded in a piece of paper.   An unnoticable speck.  It could be distrbuted in many ways.

Let's give some ideas of what it "could" be used for:

Your significant other checks into a local hospital to deliver a baby, your in a hurry, you rush through the paper work, You sign it, you don't even pay attentionto the little blurb imbedded in the text that indicates that this is a summation page and the full policy you are agreeing to may be found in the hospital's extranet site.

Deep within the text of the "official" hospital policy is a directive that all new born babies be tagged with an RFID chip for the safety of patient and staff.  The chip may be accessed by hospital, government, and others with or without your knowledge because you have no way to control when it is transmitting, what it is transmitting and to whom.

You take you baby home, not knowing that inder the skin of their  hand is a small rfid chip, very small, not even noticable.  Except when scanned by anyone with the proper codes and equipement. 

Your child is now trackable and, by extension, so are you.

Another scenerio:

You are at a gathering with some friends, Someone brings you a drink, you sip, you talk, you leave.  Your tagged - yes it was in the drink.  24-72hrs before it passes.  Everyone at the gathering  tracked.  Who their with, where they go, and when.

"Well, so what" you say.  "What difference does it make?"

Well, over the next few days, weeks, months, maybe years, your movements are logged, passively.  Where you go, how long you are there, what you bought, where you stayed, who you are with.  Tracked and recorded by all those little sensors at the checkouts and doorways of various stores, banks, hotel lobbies, state parkgates and government buildings.  The cop that drives by you gets a green, redo or rellow dot on his screen as he passes you depending on your current legal status within the relational database system..

So far realtively benign, right?

Except for the all the data that has been gathered is quetly running though a collaboration system.  A system designed to find associative data between various elements based on proximaty, purchases, known group affiliations, etc...

And it just so happens that someone you just happen to shop at the same time with, or work with, or hold another friend in common with is a targeted individual, and now so are you. 

These tools all look good on the surface, but that is not the only way they will be used.   No tool has ever been created and used only for the purpose for which it was created.  Inevitably they will be used for something far more nefarous than you think. 

Seems a bit cloak and dagger, eh?  Cell phone GPS is already used in this manner and has been since the chips started being included in phones in the mid 90's.   This happened without the public being told.  Only those in the industry knew it was there and how to access it.

Criminal elements will use it too.  Small sensor alerting them to who goes where so that can keep track of their "staff" or who is associated with who.

These are the kinds of things that Hitler, Stalin, and Cairman Mao would have loved.  It is the kind of thing where that great neighbor you had disappears in the night, no rhyme or reason... Just gone..

Then one night, maybe you too...

Don't think so?  Ask a Jew who lived in Germany in the mid-1940's.  Ask former residents of communist/socialist/fascist countries.  Our freedom is an illusion that is served with an anchor.  We have sold our freedom for an illusion of safety.  And as the founding fathers of our nation said, "those who will sell their freedom for safety, deserve neither".

 As we see the police state more rapidly develop, you will see personal liberties being cut away more and more.  Eventually, a paper such as this, condemning this activity will be illegal to own, write, verbalize, and maybe even think.

This is an inevitable reality that we are heading to.  Personally, I don't believe it can be stopped.  The country is only following the same path that all Democracies have.  Eventually we will be in a totalitarian regime, and some numbe rof years later, a rebelion.   Then maybe our great-great grand children will regain the freedom that we one enjoyed.

"I came to America because of the great, great freedom which I heard existed in this country. I made a mistake in selecting America as a land of freedom, a mistake I cannot repair in the balance of my lifetime."
Albert Einstein, 1947