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A Comparison of Different Types Of Depression

Depression isn't simple. Depression is a disease that can linger and progress for months and years without detection . Studies have shown that millions of Americans will suffer some form of depression this year. 2/3 of these people, according to estimates, won't seek treatment.

Those with the disease don't even know it in many cases. It is normal in this day in age to fall prey to the stress that rules our lives. It has become harder and harder to deal with the every day obstacles of life. Many families are surviving week to week. The recent economic crises has created even more pressure to obtain and hold a job. Depression stems from stress.

There are many different types of depression. Many of the types have similar names and meanings. These labels include manic depression, medical depression, clinical depression and mental depression. Late stages of the disease are called severe depression.

Depression is brought on by many associating factors. There are those that believe it is biological, that chemical imbalances in the brain lead us to depression. Depression is also passed along in the genes. Those with family histories of depression are at risk.

Different types of depression are given birth by other similar factors. Depression is often the result of substance abuse. Alcohol or drugs both show links to depression. The death of a family member can increase the chance for depression.

Mental depression has taken a bad rap down through history. Before being classified as a disease it was thought to be a defect in character. The end result was treatment that was not appropriate or effective. Negative effects persist through all the stages of depression. Therefore treatment requires early detection.

When depression becomes severe depression then medical care is a must. Suicide often takes place in this final phase. The calls for assistance weren't answered and now the chance to solve the problem is fading. Medications and therapy combine for a working treatment. Support groups can also help. There are also natural herbs you can use to treat the disease.

People who suffer from any type of depression have options. Seek medical help if you or anyone you know shows signs of depression.

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