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A Review of Pressure and Hardware Mounted Stair Gates and Safety Gates

Safety and stair gates are useful to keep your children and pets from dangerous situations and areas within the home. The two main types of safety gates are pressure mounted and hardware mounted, yet there are still many important considerations when choosing the stair and safety gates that are right for your home.

Pressure mounted gates are temporary installations and can easily be moved and relocated to various areas. Hardware mounted stair gates, on the other hand, are more permanent fixtures and are not frequently moved. This major difference is due to the dissimilar methods of installation.

Pressure mounted safety gates are sandwiched within a doorway or within the opening between two walls, secured by manually adjusted tension. Because of this, no tools are required and the installation process is quick and easy. Furthermore, damage to walls is minimized with pressure mounted gates. However, hardware mounted safety and stair gates are attached using brackets and/or screws mounted to the wall or posts. Installation is more involved and requires the proper tools. In this process there is more damage to walls, which can be easily repaired with putty and paint. Considering this, pressure mounted gates work best when wedged between two surfaces that are parallel and level, whereas installation of hardware mounted stair gates is more flexible.

Pressure mounted safety gates are not permanently attached to the wall, therefore they are less secure than those that are fixed. Furthermore, it is also important to continually adjust the tension for maximum safety. With this in mind, pressure mounted gates are best used in less hazardous locations, such as between rooms or at the bottom of stairs. ONLY hardware (or fixed) mounted stair gates should be used at the top of stairways.

Pressure mounted and hardware mounted safety and stair gates are readily available with a wide variety of options. Gates range in height and width, there are various designs for adjusting width, and optional attachments and hardware are available for those more tricky situations. Pressure mounted gates are typically used for more narrow openings, while hardware mounted gates are often used in wider openings due to the added stability.

Stair and safety gates are manufactured using different materials, including metal, wood, plastic, wire, and mesh. Metal and wood options are recommended for strength, durability and beauty. There are many options available for finish and color to match the design of your home.

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