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A Mouth Yeast Infection Is Very Painful

If you have a compromised immune system due to prolonged antibiotic or oral steroid use, you may be at risk for a mouth yeast infection. These oral yeast infections are referred to as thrush. Oral thrush is caused by an over abundance of the yeast like fungi Candida. Candida is present in everyone's system but in those with weakened immune systems, the Candida can grow out of control and cause an oral thrush infection.

An oral yeast infection is also known as thrush, or a thrush infection. Thrush often occurs in individuals who have been taking antibiotics for extended periods of time, those who are on steroid inhalers, newborn babies that are breast fed and several other groups. Many times, oral thrush goes undetected and can cause serious problems.

People who have type I or II diabetes also have been diagnosed frequently with oral thrush infections. The human body, when fully healthy, attacks the Candida that is present in everyone's mouths. Those who have never suffered from oral thrush cannot fully understand just how painful and annoying it can be.

Oral thrush presents itself as a white, creamy deposit inside the mouth and throat. These white patches may be very small, appearing as tiny dots or the patches may be considerably larger, affecting the entire mouth of a patient. These white patches often appear as a thick coating on the tongue, sometimes at the back of the mouth, sometimes on the sides and bottom of the tongue.

These white spots often have the visual appearance of cottage cheese. They can grow quickly and spread from one side of the mouth to the other and can also spread back into the mouth. When the Candida takes over an individual's entire mouth, it is not uncommon to find the tonsils also infected. This can quickly spread down the back of the throat and into the digestive tract and stomach.

When you ignore the symptoms of thrush, it can spread quickly. Thrush frequently spreads to the entire mouth, back of throat, esophagus and digestive system of an individual. Thrush infections are very uncomfortable. People who have thrush complain of excruciating pain that cannot be controlled with over the counter pain medications. When you think you or someone under your care has a thrush infection, it's best to get medical attention quickly to prevent it from spreading.

Thrush is typically easy to distinguish by a medical professional with a simple visual inspection. However, a small sample of one of the lesions may be sampled and sent for laboratory testing to make sure that the infection truly is thrush. If your physician believes that the thrush may have spread into your digestive tract, you may have to undergo an endoscopic procedure. This is a painless procedure that will quickly provide the answers that your physician needs.

If you have a mouth yeast infection, your physician will determine the best course of action to cure it. Unfortunately, it's not always simple to cure. Your doctor may have to give you several rounds of anti-fungal medications and may need to try more than one approach to eliminating the infection. When you think you may have oral thrush, contact a doctor right away.

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