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"Americans grew tired of being thought to be dumb by the rest of the world,
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A Bible Timeline Chart And Expounding Bible Truths

Not long back I had a retired Pastor reprove me very sharply, for making some interesting points while preaching on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. He was very old school, and he referred to 1 Tim 1.4 "nor to be taken up with with myths and never ending genealogies.. "

He listened, as I asked them if I had said anything that was of heresy, and he said. "No". He just would not accept it when I suggested that this Scripture was referring to the false teachings of Gnosticism and was in no way speaking of honest enquiry into Scripture.

You would think that with 40 years experience this past and would have had some understanding of what Paul was referring to in this letter and the problem of Gnosticism. We have a problem here, how can a congregation understand these things either and be able to interpret their Bible?

If the many pastors persist in preaching, lightweight and shallow messages to the congregation, the results will always be a people, who do understand their Bible very well. Pastors preach again and again 'moral essays' and 'warming affirmations', for this is what good Christians do, if they truly 'love' each other.

It seems that the most important thing is, that we are very positive and 'nice' to everybody. It's just too bad, if God's people are falling through the cracks 'for a lack of knowledge' (oracle).

The reality is, the more 'relevant' Christians become, to the world, the less relevant we all are in actuality, to the world. Sad

Why do Pastors get stuck in a rut of favorite topics and 'feel good' messages? Preachers preach on a verse from 1 John further a part about a victorious one from Luke; topical address from Matthew following on with the true faith of Mary Magdalene or the righteousness of Abraham.

After preaching portions from here and from there, through the Bible we need then to put it all together in a clear, understandable way for our congregation.

Constantly we are bombarded with new publications and modernist ideas, some of them dangerously leaning toward Liberal theology. We are repeating history, but if we were to teach the basics of Church history, we would be more equipped to avoid repeating that history.

Let's equip the Church in understanding God, His Great Plan and the Bible by sewing each piece together into a seamless beautiful tapestry.

It's not a difficult thing to accomplish, we just need to put in some study and prayer.

John 17:17 Sanctify them in the Truth: Thy Word is Truth. (AV)

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