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Advertising your website with one way links

When using a directory submission service make sure you find a service that will continually add your sites links to directories even after the initial submission. By paying one price for the initial submission and never having to pay again for additional submissions to directories is what you want. One way links always result with a higher rankings.

And the results are great, I can tell you. For submitting your articles in article directories, you will get links from directories, and that is already very good for SEO. But the real power is in article distribution, and the variety of websites that are linking to you. So, for doing a fifteen minutes writing, you can get thousands of one way links, the best kind. It just can't get better than that!

Directories will always be around, the future for directories will change as the internet changes, they will need to adapt and additional services. The third important factor in directory submission is making sure you use the correct title, keywords, and descriptions in the right category. Once your site is included in a directory the listing is permanent and you will receive traffic everyday.

Search engines just love these type of links, as they see them as votes to your page. If many people are voting to you by adding links to your site, than you must be some kind of an expert in your niche, and that is why Google and other search engines rank you higher in SERPs. They love experts, they love to give knowledge to people who are searching for information.

Everyone who has been a webmaster for some time or has read about it probably already knows that getting one way links to your web site is the single most important step in boosting your site up in search engines results pages (SERPs).

Many sites are rejected due to inappropriate descriptions. The description is the most difficult item to define correctly. One way to get help for an accurate description is to ask friends to view your website or ask people from forums to view your site. A description is not an advertisement and should never contain superlatives or excessive marketing hype. When writing your description you are not writing it to sell your product you need to write it showing the benefit of your product, no hard sell in the description.

And you do not need to be an expert to write articles, you just have to put some value in your article, to interest the readers, and there you have it, you have their attention, they believe you, and they will trust you when you tell them how to fix their problem, or give them great advice.

So, first, you have to find some niche that suits you best, something that you are good at, something that you like, maybe a hobby, or maybe something that you are familiar with. It is not difficult, just ask yourself what can you offer to help others. Be sure to include a link somewhere in a body of an article, and the anchor text (link text) should be main keyword phrase of your page.

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